Why is teaching and learning our core business?

  • Our duty as educators 
  • To develop and foster curiosity and interest amongst students 
  • To develop learning characteristics in our students 
  • To prepare students for the next stage of education 
  • To develop a child holistically


Three core values that will underpin our work in teaching and learning:

  1. Trust 
  2. Empathy 
  3. Integrity


How will we develop great teaching?

  1. Research evidence based 
  2. Subject focused 
  3. Focus on teacher instruction


What will teachers engage in? 

  1. Professional dialogue 
  2. Deliberate practice 
  3. Reflection


What makes great teaching? 

Great teaching is defined as that which leads to improved student progress 


The six components of great teaching 

  1. (Pedagogical) content knowledge – strong impact 
  2. Quality of instruction – strong impact 
  3. Classroom climate – moderate impact 
  4. Classroom management – moderate impact 
  5. Teacher beliefs – some impact 
  6. Professional behaviours – some impact


Developing great teaching 

Professional development opportunities that are carefully designed and have a strong focus on pupil outcomes have a significant impact on student achievement.  


Key components of effective professional learning 

  1. Duration – minimum of 2 terms – often longer 
  2. Rhythm – grasp the strategy, implement, follow up 
  3. Designed for participant needs – needs to be aligned to day to day activities and aspirations we have of our students 
  4. Shared sense of purpose – positive learning environment, time and consistency are key 
  5. Alignment – teacher learning needs to align with student learning.


Four strands of professional learning at Penketh

  1. Whole school priorities 
  2. Teacher learning communities 
  3. Subject knowledge mastery 
  4. Optional T+L sessions

Looking at some of the exceptional tour guides of restoration London created by year 8 for homework! They perfectly summarise their learning from the latest unit!


Absolute joy to see the level of engagement from Year 11 across the English department this morning.

Impressive level of focus ahead of a full suite of mock exams that start next week.


Our Anti-Bullying Committee (minus 1) were celebrating becoming @DianaAward Anti-Bullying Ambassadors this lunch time by planning their first assembly that they will deliver to all year groups @PenkethSchool next week for #AntiBullyingWeek!

Brilliant French taster session with year 6 at Barrow Hall Primary School this morning! Some impressive pronunciation skills and lots of eager linguists! 👏🏻 Looking forward to going back after half term! 🇫🇷

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