Have we mentioned how proud of them we are?? 👏👏👏👏

Best ever GCSE results at Penketh High School | Warrington Guardian https://t.co/mRXmFOVSYC

2/2 Pupils achieving passes in both Maths and English +10%

5 GCSEs inc. E&M +10%, schools best ever figure.

Progress 8 forecast to be the best it’s ever been.

Students achieving the EBACC +10%, schools best ever figure.

So proud of you, enjoy your summer, keep working hard!!

1/2 The numbers tell the story of an exceptional group of young people who worked hard with teachers to achieve.

They’ve epitomised the key messages we pass on, take responsibility for your own success, invest in yourself, work hard and you’ll be successful

Some highlights...

That school is just going from strength to strength.

Been humbling to see the efforts and outcomes up close @PenkethSchool and the fantastic joined-up working of the teachers, governors and trustees.

They don’t have to do it. It’s just what they do.

#EducationMatters #Teach https://t.co/aZrySRE5F6

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Great retrieval do-now activity in History from Miss Parsons @jennife97509863 this afternoon. Students consolidating knowledge on previous and current topics @PenkethTeaching

Wonderful homework projects on display in Science. Students researching structure of the Earth to then apply to learning about the rock cycle


Our very own @MsPagetEnglish sharing ideas about poet project homework with Y7 to foster independence #TCATTM19

Bringing key words to life through learning grids and concept lines. Great ideas for engaging students #TCATTM19


Final call for any TCAT colleagues to come and join our first ever TCAT TeachMeet tomorrow evening! We have some really interesting presentations lined up! Get your tickets here: https://t.co/Ca31fj4IRX

Beautifully annotated first response to W.H. Auden's 'Funeral Blues' which then became a detailed analytical essay. I'm really pleased with how some of 7a1 @PenkethSchool approached their poetry unit. Their hard work has paid off with excellent quality literary essays. 👏👏😊


‘As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning he found himself transformed in his bed, into a gigantic insect...’ Fantastic work from DP today exploring Berkoff! #totaltheatre 👏🏻🎭


Some lovely work from Year 9 Art students this morning replicating the contemporary work of #Cleomussi @PenkethSchool #PedagooFriday

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This year we have given 700+ an education into #3dprinting #Robotics #raspberrypi #micobit and more. CPD to 100 #teachers, 45 #librarians. Showcased at 15 conferences from Brussels to China. Featured in #Tes & won 4 awards. Thank you to all our students, you've been incredible!

📣Calling all parents, teachers & carers of keen animators! Want to find out more about how they can channel their love for animation into an exciting career? Listen to our new Animation Summer School podcast to hear all about it & please share! https://t.co/aPWZ1lg22T

We are exceptional proud of the work of our young students here 🙂 Thank you !

@SparkPenketh @CodeClub Aw lovely, what a great end to the year 🙂 You must be so proud of your @SparkPenketh outreach @PenkethSchool , it’s so inspiring.

Mr Carlin was quite happy that @LFCFoundation brought the European Cup for a visit to school this morning! #6times #ChampionsofEurope #notbiasedhonest 👀 🏆🥇⚽️

Thanks to @LFCFoundation & @LFC for arranging this & for all the work with pupils across the year. Great partnership!

#MoonHack for last code club of the year at Penketh South Primary who now lead their own club next year.

It's been a real pleasure setting up your club Thank you so much, we have had a blast !! @CodeClub 🙂


.@gemmamaypotter is sharing @Ka81 work @PenkethSchool Spark project - first dedicated maker space in a UK school - at our @cn_British @BritishCouncil Living Research interdisciplinary maker education workshop #chengdu

A fruitful meeting today at @MillChannel with @Ka81 following last weeks #gamejam with @SparkPenketh 💪 Exciting discussions about @AccessVfx and our continued work with education and creating a more inclusive #vfx #animation and #games industry!!! 👏 https://t.co/wPiqinyxMn

Thrilled that @robparkerauthor has officially opened our new library today! Inspiring speech and wokshop with Year 7 & 8 pupils! Thanks Rob!

We’re thrilled with the new library which is ready for September, crucial the school has this facility as we drive academic development!

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