A great find from @misshardingmath for all pupils @PenkethSchool. Have a read of this article there is something for everybody #penkethrevision https://t.co/G305CilZ0V

Been a rollercoaster of a year, in a short space of time we’ve built a fantastic resource offering pupils amazing opportunities to broaden horizons & build life long passions...that’s what it’s all about!! Made some friends on the way & we’re eternally grateful for their support!

Commitment to revision!! Hugely impressive 👏👏👏🛫🛫🛫

Proud to work in a school where pupils and staff support the wider community at any given opportunity! 👏🏻 https://t.co/p2SpbMzddj

Loved it! Great opportunity for our wonderful staff to get together whilst raising money for a wonderful cause 👍🍰...well done to all the staff who baked for the event and for @business_miss for organising 👏👏

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Scaffolding to support extended writing and use of tier 3 vocabulary in Geography. Outstanding effort from Y9.


Bringing Maths to English - Venn diagrams for poetry comparisons! @PenkethSchool 👍🌟🌟


Loved seeing this example of quizzing at lunchtime today. Two students testing each other on their maths vocabulary.

Grabbing a few minutes to refresh on ideas from here is a few minutes well spent #melc

Mr Deberque testing key vocabulary using Kahoot! in Spanish. Students eager to be top of the class!

Listening to Y7 present their research on the Black Death. Great endeavour to produce outstanding work and confident presentations

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#halfterm #crafts are back! Race down to @warringtonmuseum for crazy colourful African Art! Half term crafts are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-3pm last entry 2.45pm. Recommended ages 3yrs+. All children must be accompanied by an adult. https://t.co/Wi1Ei5bNBh

Glad to see Neston all set to go , excited for ours to arrive next term @NestonHighMaker 🙂

Happy Birthday 🎉🎉🎂 to #SparkPenketh @PenkethSchool in just a year we have expanded into our #libraries, #primaries & worked with our #musuem as well as run digital pathway for all our 1000+ students & built some amazing projects. Thank you to everyone who has supported us 🙂

Our year 11 D&T getting projects all ready for those #GCSE portfolios today using our #3DPrinter and a @Shining3D scanner. You want a handle that matches your hand perfectly , our students can do that !

Thrilled to see Neston High Makerspace @NestonHighMaker 🙂 Sure your as excited as us get your @_museuminabox 🙂

This afternoon @PenkethsouthEY getting to grips with #microbit and #leds @CodeClubNW. Brilliant ideas for projects !


We have been training our #librarians today to deliver our #SparkedByPenketh program across all #Warrington #Libraries with some help from @Liverpoollib. Keep your eyes peeled for #Robotics in your libraries in Warrington @YourLiveWire @Culture_WA 🙂

#WomenInScience. We are very proud to have literally hundreds of our students building & learning #Industry40 skills #WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM all need to be inspired #YoungWomenAtSchool

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