Incredibly impressed with our Year 11 pupils! Working hard and showing real dedication and commitment to their studies!

They’ve embraced their responsibility towards their own success! The hard work will pay off in the summer!!

So proud of our outstanding young people 👏👏

Music revision with @HPethybridge ❤️ also the challenge for revising with snacks has been accomplished 😂 #penkethrevision @MrFarrarPHS

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Another great Friday morning T&L session from the @PenkethTeaching team, with staff discussing and reflecting on effective questioning to best support pupils in their learning. 👏👏

A really effective do-now activity in The History department this morning with students completing a quiz based on key learning gained from Knowledge Organiser homework @PenkethSchool


Few highlights from across the school today. Y8 engaged in the ‘big debate’ in form time, Y8 historians considering how democratic Britain was in the 19th century? Mrs Rigby using the humanities floor to teach longshore drift to Y7


Wonderful to read through these paragraphs that 7a2 have written about @PenkethSchool It is clear they love their school and are enjoying every moment of Year 7!! 🙌🙌

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Our expert panel have approved six educational apps, designed to help boost a child's learning at home featuring:

📚interactive story books

✍️handwriting exercises using AI

🎮educational video games


Had a brilliant day today at #haltonMF2020 big thanks to team over at @HaltonMakeFest @HaltonLibraries we had a great day running robotics & visual coding workshops 😊

Was brilliant to pop into see Mrs Thompson #cyberbullying assembly today with @joelrothwell performing @PenkethSchool was great see our pupils gain some valuable information 👏👏🙂


The report from the @wef on schools of the future is calling on all schools to include #Industry40 in education. We are proud to say our students have opportunities to explore careers in new technologies!

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