Our vision is clear.  We want a school that has a culture of high standards and expectations; a culture that promotes collaboration between pupils and staff to support the academic progress of the young people who attend the school.  We want a school where pupils understand their role and their responsibilities in developing as learners and securing their own success as they operate in an environment of challenge and academic rigour.  A climate that enables pupils to feel secure about the progress they are making and enables inner confidence to stretch and challenge themselves in order to strive for excellence.

We want a school where pupils and staff feel valued and have a shared ownership for improvement.  A school where staff relish coming to work to share the passion for their subjects and can continue to professionally develop with a sense of trust and devolved responsibility for driving improvement through departments and inside classrooms; operating in a professional climate in which they feel secure in trialling strategies for improvement and one which provides the opportunities to engage in professional dialogue.

The obvious goal of any school is to deliver high quality educational opportunities in order that pupils secure the very best outcomes to reach their true potential.  This aspiration is no different at Penketh.  We want the best for all of our pupils and this includes the very best outcomes that provide them with the foundation to continue being successful beyond their time at the school.  In the ever changing modern world young people need a wide skill set that complement an academic track record in order to be successful.  At Penketh, we are committed to developing pupils holistically as well as academically, exposing pupils to a wide range of experiences that extend the traditional and qualification driven curriculum.  Holistic development provides enrichment experiences to support wider engagement and develop key learning characteristics important for future study and employment.  These experiences can help develop passions for life and facilitate successful lifelong learners.

Adolescence can be a difficult period for young people and some pupils aren’t always blessed with circumstances that support the most successful start in life.  We are committed to supporting pupils to remove barriers to learning and to support pupils with issues that extend beyond an impact on learning.  For some pupils, intervention may be low level and for a fixed period whilst for others support might need to be intense and across a lengthier period.  The school are committed to offering a range of support mechanisms in order that pupils have the opportunity to secure the very best start in life and a foundation for future success.

Support for each other is a key component of any thriving community.  Our school is a community, a rich pool of talented staff and outstanding young people who live in the local area.  As a school we’re proud to serve our local community and find ourselves geographically placed in the centre of that community.  Our facilities are accessed by local clubs and organisations to help deliver important extracurricular opportunities to develop pupils beyond school.  We’re also pleased with the number of pupils who enrich community groups and offer a great deal to the wider community as a result. We’re committed to working closely with our pupils, families, partner schools and the wider community to contribute positively in the local area and ensure the very best for the outstanding young people of Penketh and of Warrington.