Penketh High School is committed to supporting pupils through their examinations and assessments. This page will provide you with the key information to assist you through the examination process.

If you have any queries about Exams, you can contact the Exams Team by emailing: Exams@penkethhigh.org


Exam Timetables

The following exam timetables are available here:



Communications (Summer 2024)

In April 2023, we sent a letter to Y11 Parents with information about key dates for 2023/2024. A copy of this letter can be viewed here.

In June 2023, we sent a letter to Y11 Pupils with a copy of the final timetable for Summer 2024 and information about the National Contingency Days. A copy of this letter can be viewed here.


Communications (Summer 2025)

In May 2024, we sent a letter to Y10 Parents with key information about the Summer 2025 exams and a copy of the Final Exam Timetable. A copy of this letter can be viewed here.


Subject Information

This table shows the Awarding Organisations for each subject offered at Penketh High School. To find more information, including the subject specification and past exam papers, click on the subject name. These are external links to each Awarding Organisation’s webpage for each subject.

Subject Specification Awarding Organisation
Art and Design Art, Craft and Design AQA
Art and Design Graphic Communication AQA
Art and Design Photography AQA
Biology AQA
Chemistry AQA
Combined Science Trilogy AQA
Computer Science OCR
Constructing the Built Environment WJEC / Eduqas
Digital Functional Skills (Year 10) New Specification Pearson
Drama (Year 10) Pearson
Drama (Year 11) WJEC / Eduqas
Economics OCR
English Entry Level AQA
English Language AQA
English Literature AQA
Enterprise and Marketing OCR
French (Year 11) AQA
Geography AQA
German (Year 10) AQA
Health and Social Care Pearson
History Pearson
Hospitality and Catering WJEC / Eduqas
Humanities Entry Level WJEC / Eduqas
ICT (Year 11) Legacy Specification NCFE
Life and Living Skills OCR
Mathematics Entry Level AQA
Mathematics Further AQA
Mathematics GCSE Pearson
Music AQA
Music Technology NCFE
Physics AQA
Psychology OCR
Science Entry Level AQA
Sport Pearson
Statistics Pearson
Travel and Tourism Pearson

JCQ Information for Candidates

Non-Examination Assessments (NEA) / Coursework

When completing NEA / Coursework, it is important that you observe good academic practices. You can find information on ‘Good Academic Practice’ and how to avoid committing Malpractice, Plagiarism and Collusion on these slides.

When you receive your NEA/Coursework results, you may not be happy with the mark you receive. You can find information about our appeals process on these slides.

Revision Techniques and Support

We tend to think of revision as a process of putting things into our heads, hoping it will stick.  But the research tells us that this method is flawed. This guide will help you learn how to retrieve facts from your head.

Coping With Exams

It is natural for anyone to feel a little stressed or anxious before an exam. We have developed a guide for pupils which details how to cope with exams and how to manage the symptoms of anxiety and exam stress. This can be accessed here.

There are a vast array of resources available to support parents and young people around exam time:

For more information about Mental Health and Wellbeing Support at Penketh High School, please click here.

Results Day 2024

All pupils will be able to collect their results:

            On:      Thursday 22 August 2024

            At:       8:30am – 10:30am

            In:        Gym

School staff will be available on results day to discuss your results, offer support and advise you about progression opportunities.

Information about results day, Post Results Services and Certificates can be found here.


Can’t Attend Results Day?

If you are not able to collect your results, you can either:

  • Ask a named person to collect your results.
  • Have your results posted home.

If a named person is collecting your results, you need to email Exams@penkethhigh.org from your school email account by no later than 3pm on Tuesday 20 August 2024. You must name the person who will be collecting your results. The person who collects your results will need to bring some Photo ID with them. We will not be able to issue your results without this.

If you would like your result to be posted home, you need to email Exams@penkethhigh.org from your school email account by no later than 3pm on Tuesday 20 August 2024. You must also send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to school reception before 3pm on Tuesday 20 August 2024. We will not be able to issue your results without this. We will post your results home on Thursday 24 August which may take a couple of days to arrive.

Results cannot be given out by telephone.


 Exam Certificates

Certificates are important legal documents that validate the qualifications you have earned during your time at Penketh High School. Consequently, you will need to collect your certificates from school.

Certificates can usually be collected from early December.

We usually retain certificates for three years. So if you left between Summer 2021 and Summer 2023, please contact Exams@penkethhigh.org to arrange your certificate collection.

If you left Penketh High School in 2020 or earlier, or have lost your certificates, you can find information on obtaining replacement certificates from the Awarding Organisation websites:

There is some useful information on GOV.UK about obtaining replacement exam certificates, including if your exam board no longer exists. There is also some useful information on the AQA website about where CSE results (1965-1987) will be kept and where other qualification results may be kept.

Please note, Penketh High School is not liable for the application or payment of confirmation of results from Awarding Organisations.

Other Information