Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Mr John Carlin (JMC)


Mrs Claire Lomax (CLX)

Vice Principal (Pupil Development & Support)

Mr Ian Farrar (IMF)

Vice Principal (Curriculum & Progress)

Mr John Barlow (JBW)

Assistant Principal / Director of Teaching & Learning (TCAT)

Mr Niall Smith (NSH)

Assistant Principal (Climate for Learning)

Miss Stephanie Clarke (STC)

Assistant Principal (Enrichment & Personal Development)

Mr Rob Lunt (RL)

School Operations Manager


Ms Silvana Palmieri (SPI)

Curriculum Area Leader Art

Miss Allyson Jenkins (CAJ)

Teacher of Art

Mr Mark Billington (MKB)

Teacher of Art / Digital Specialism / Year 8 Lead

Business and ICT

Mrs Joy Thompson (JET)

Director of Pupil Premium Coordination and Computing/ICT

Miss Nichola Madden (NMN)

Curriculum Area Leader Business / Year 7 Lead

Mr Ryan Pinder (RPR)

Teacher of ICT


Miss Susan Ashurst (SEA)

Director of Learning English & Media

Ms Rachael Paget (RPT)

Key Stage Coordinator

Mrs Holly Mollatt (HDS)

Coordinator of English Language

Miss Lisa Grant (LG)

Coordinator of English Literature

Miss Sue Lowe (SL)

Teacher of English / Year 9 Lead

Miss Caroline Redmond (CFR)

Teacher of English


Mr John Barlow

Assistant Principal / Teacher of Geography

Mr Matthew Bell (MBL)

Curriculum Area Leader History

Miss Dayna Robinson (DRN)

Curriculum Area Leader Geography

Mrs Karen Rigby (KVR)

Teacher of Geography

Miss Kathryn Jackson (KJN)

Teacher of Geography

Miss Melissa Brocklehurst (MBT)

Teacher of History / Recognition Coordinator

Miss Amy Newby (ANY)

Teacher of History


Miss Laura Harding (LH)

Director of Learning Maths

Mr Ian Farrar (IMF)

Vice Principal / Teacher of Maths

Mr Gustave Madou (GMU)

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Danielle McClure (DM)

Teacher of Mathematics & Statistics

Mr Ian Musgrove (IM)

Teacher of Maths / Career Progression Coordinator

Mr Niall Smith (NSH)

Assistant Principal / Teacher of Mathematics & Statistics

Mrs Caroline Strachan (CJS)

Second in Department / Maths Assessment Coordinator

Miss Rachael Taylor (RTR)

Associate Assistant Principal / Teacher of Mathematics

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr Romain Deberque (RDE)

Curriculum Area Leader MFL

Mrs Rachel Hart (REH)

Teacher of German

Miss Zoe Silver (ZSR)

Teacher of German / Curriculum Area Leader PSHE

Miss Bryony Purvis (BPS)

Teacher of Spanish / French

Performing Arts

Mrs Simone Mallon (SRP)

Curriculum Area Leader Drama

Miss Anna Jones (AFJ)

Curriculum Area Leader Music

Miss Adele Booth

Teacher of Music / Co-Curriculum Leader

Physical Education

Mr Mark Mullock (MM)

Curriculum Area Leader PE

Mrs Claire Lomax (CLX)

Vice Principal / Teacher of PE

Miss Amie Fleming (AFG)

Teacher of PE / Year 11 lead

Miss Emma Abbott (EAT)

Teacher of PE

Religious Studies and Personal Development

Miss Stephanie Clarke (STC)

Assistant Principal / Teacher of RE / Personal Development

Miss Claire Cooper (CEC)

Curriculum Area Leader RE


Mrs Suzanne Curryer (SJC)

Director of Learning Science

Mr Richard Doyle (RDL)             

Coordinator of Chemistry / Second in Department

Miss Jessica Stalmach (JSH)

Teacher of Science

Miss Rachel Snow (RSW)

Teacher of Science

Mr Chris Wassell (CWL)

Teacher of Science

Miss Stephanie Dennis (SDS)

Teacher of Science

Miss Georgia Hurst (GHT)

Teacher of Physics

Mrs Katherine Robinson (KER)

Senior Science Technician


Mr Barrie Bewes (BB)

Curriculum Area Leader DT

Mrs Joanne Blundell (JCR)

Curriculum Area Leader Food Technology

Orchard Centre

Ms Emma Ogg (EOG)

Associate Assistant Principal – SENDCO

Mrs Jillian Curties (JCS)

Transition Manager / SEN Teacher

Mrs Emma Wisdell (EWL)

Lead Teacher responsible for Designated Provision

Miss Katy Shaw (CS)

Designated Provision Teacher

Mrs Deborah Richardson

KS2/3 Teacher

Year Leaders

Mrs Nichola Madden (NMN) 

Year 7 Lead

Mr Mark Billington (MKB)

Year 8 Lead

Miss Sue Lowe (SL)

Year 9 Lead

Mrs Stella Moore (SAM)

Year 10 Lead

Miss Amie Fleming (AFG)

Year 11 Lead

Mrs Liz Hutt (LEH)

Inclusion Lead

Mr Daniel Cameron (DCN)

Pupil Liaison Officer

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Mrs Kelly Smith (KWD)

SEMH Lead Teacher

Safeguarding and Welfare team

Mrs Sarah Bewes (SRB)


Mr Stephen Burke 


Miss Angela Lewis (AL)

Deputy DSL

Mr Daniel Cameron

Pupil Liaison Officer

Mrs Claire Lomax (CLX)

Vice Principal and SLT DSL

Mr Niall Smith (NSH)

Assistant Principal and SLT Deputy DSL

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Lynn Darwin (LD)

Mrs Christine Stanley (CSY)

Mrs Stella Moore (SM)

Yeah 9 Lead

Mrs Nicola Bibby (NB)

Mrs Bernie Egan (BEN)

Mrs Anne McNally (AMY)

Mrs Siobhan Traynor (STR)

Support Teams


Miss Fiona Agnew (FJA)

Principal’s PA

Mrs Tracey Booth (TLB)

Finance and Admin Officer

Mrs Julie Keenan (JEK)


Mrs Jane Regan (JAR)

Resources Manager

Mrs Jennifer Lowe (JLE)

Admin Assistant (Orchard Centre)

Mrs Jennifer Trowler (JTR)

First Aid Coordinator

Attendance Officers

Mrs Rebecca Eves (REV)

Mrs Patricia Bradbury (PBR)


Mrs Elaine Bancroft (EBL)

Catering Coordinator

Mrs Jane Batty (JBY)

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Margaret Blunden (MBN)

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Brenda Cheek (BCK)

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Carol Giblin (CGN)

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Dorothy Lewis Twist (DLT)

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Sharon Newton (SHN)

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Susan Shields (SNS)

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Catherine Webb (CJW)

Catering and Administration Coordinator


Mr Paul Cordingley (PC)

Exams and Data Manager

Mrs Diane MacDonald (DMC)

Exams & Assessment Administrator


Mr Gary Ankers (GMA)

Senior ICT Technician

Mr Craig Darbyshire (CD1)

ICT Technician

Mr Joe Young (JYG)

Reprographics Officer

Miss Lauren Clements-Paterson (LCP)

Graphic Design, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator


Mr Robert Harvey (RHY)

Site Manager

Mr Pat Neary (PJN)


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