Meet the Safeguarding Team at Penketh High School

The Designated Safeguarding Lead’s (DSL) job in a school is to ultimately ensure your children are safe, happy and ready to learn.

Our aim is to educate our pupils around how to keep safe both in and out of school and this is done by liaising with all staff and sharing information when we feel they may be in danger in school and talking to key agencies in Warrington such as social services, youth services and the police to ensure the right support is in place when you need it most. We do this because we really care about all our pupil’s welfare and we want them to be the best that they can be, and history and experience tells us you can only do this if they are safe and happy.


Penketh High School operates a Safeguarding Team approach with a split focus on both early help and child protection.


The team meets every half term and discusses and takes action to safeguard the most vulnerable children in school. The team members are key support staff throughout school who work closely with all year groups to ensure they are safe both in and out of school.


The team is as follows:

  • Mrs S Bewes (DSL)
  • Mr S Burke (DSL)
  • Mrs C Lomax (SLT DSL)