At Penketh we have a recognition system in place to encourage all pupils to succeed.  We pride ourselves on acknowledging, rewarding and celebrating the achievements and success of pupils.  The scope of our rewards system means we can recognise the academic achievements, progress, contributions to the school community and positive attendance and behaviour of our outstanding young people. We strongly believe that pupils should be recognised where they’ve demonstrated the motivation to achieve their very best and to meet our high expectations.

The recognition system focuses on seven key areas which support the success of pupils; these are known as the 7 Pillars of Penketh.


League Table

Each week pupils are able to gain points which will count towards the overall recognition league table.  This table considers a range of factors that contribute towards pupil success, accounting for all of these factors and recognising pupils for consistently good performance across these aspects of school life.  At the end of the year the highest performing pupils will finish in prize winning places, across the year pupils will be able to check their performance on a week by week basis as the league table is released.  The other six pillars of Penketh contribute directly to a pupil’s league performance.


Learning Scores 

As a minimum expectation each pupil should achieve a learning score of a 2 every lesson, pupils who have worked at an exceptional level are able to gain a 1. Every 1 received represents 1 point within our overall league table. Each week during assembly pupils who have received the most 1’s are celebrated. If a pupil receives 5 learning scores of a 1 across a day they will receive a text home. There will also be competitions focused on the learning scores achieved by each pupil across each term which will see prizes available for consistently high levels of application to their studies.



For every week that a pupil achieves 100% attendance they will receive 1 point towards their league table total.  Each half term there will be bonus weeks where pupils can receive up to 10 points for 100% attendance.  Pupils will also receive postcards for 100% attendance at the end of each half term. Across the academic year, pupils also participate in Fresh Start Campaigns to receive invites to various trips or events.


Going for Gold postcards 

Pupils can receive a postcard for demonstrating progress within lessons, completion of excellent homework or assessments. Pupils can also receive postcards for their use of the Dual Curriculum and during enrichment sessions.  This is worth 5 points in the league table and given to pupils during Registration each week.  When pupils receive 10 postcards they receive a bronze award, 25 postcards are amounted to the silver award and 40 postcards is the requirement for gold award.  Pupils that achieve 90 postcards, will receive the prestigious diamond award.


Progress Boards 

At every main assessment point across the year the pupil in each class who has made the most progress from the previous assessment point will be celebrated in assembly by each subject area. Each of the departments will also celebrate pupils who have achieved the greatest progress across this period by displaying pupils on the wall of fame.



All members of staff are able to nominate pupils for special recognition, this can be for academic pursuits but can also be for making positive contributions to the school community; this enables all pupils to be  celebrated where they have positively impacted on school life. Pupils are also able to nominate staff who they believe deserve special recognition for their support.


Tokens for Trips 

Every week each year group will receive a number of tokens, this number is determined by the attendance of the year group, the most learning scores of a 1, the best overall learning score average and the most postcards given out for that year group. This allows each year group to be recognised for their contribution to school life.


We recognise that the vast majority of our outstanding young people do amazing things every day and strive to meet our high standards and expectations.  We feel that it’s only right that pupils are recognised for this and have the opportunity to celebrate these successes.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

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