Number of eligible pupils: 277

Funding received: £269,575.00


Current Attainment 2017-2018Penketh Pupil Premium (Latest Figures)National Non-PP
% pupils achieving 9-4 in both English & Maths36.1TBC
% pupils achieving 9-5 in both English & Maths16.4TBC
% pupils achieving 9-4 in English45.9TBC
% pupils achieving 9-4 in Maths50.8TBC
% pupils achieving 9-5 in English27.9TBC
% pupils achieving 9-5 in Maths27.9TBC
Students ENTERED and achieving the 2 x Sciences element35.7TBC
% pupils achieving the English baccalaureate 9-48.2TBC
% pupils achieving the English baccalaureate 9-54.9TBC
Progress 8 score average-1.15TBC
Progress 8 score English-1.15TBC
Progress 8 score Maths-0.707TBC
Progress 8 score Ebacc-1.364TBC
Progress 8 score Open-1.239TBC



Staffing - Teachers85,405.00Teachers include Intervention sessions (Ma, En, Sc) & Music tuition Learning. Impact of tuition can be seen when comparing attendance to intervention sessions and improvement in grades. Pupils who attended extra sessions improved their grades.

Music tuition is vital as pupils cannot undergo GCSE Music without playing an instrument. These sessions ensure all pupils have access to this subject.

11 PP pupils studied GCSE Music -91% achieved 9-4 demonstrating the impact of the tuition.

Teaching assistants includes Mentors/HOY/Youth support worker/ Safeguarding lead, working alongside vulnerable pupils to ensure they remain safe/supported and engaged in school life.

PP champions deemed good practice in for PP review last year and so continued this academic year. “Role of PP Champions in core subjects to deliver high quality curriculum support and interventions to targeted pupils to address gaps in learning and accelerate
pupil progress”

PP coordinator- contribution to overall salary. Responsible for tracking expenditure and coordination of all PP activities in and out of school.

Behaviour manager – working with high profile pupils to keep them in school and making progress.

Admin support (Inc. attendance)
Staffing – Teaching Assistants89,432.00As above
Staffing - Support36,483.00As above
Pupil Specific Resources8,721.00All PP pupils had the opportunity to ask the PP champions for any equipment/resources they were lacking. Items purchased include:
calculators, books and stationary.
All KS4 pupils received revision guides for their GCSE subjects. Also, a revision pack containing essential items help students revise.
All KS4 pupils received creative art materials and DT packs as necessary.
Educational Visits8,960.00Numerous trips run over the year
Year 7 residential £720– allowing pupils to take part in team building exercises and experience a residential with their peers.
Year 11 Calculator camp £1800- Impact 18 PP pupils with a positive P8 figure in Maths.
Chester Zoo & theatre trips allowing pupils to experience cultural and social visits.
£1,400 funding for 7 PP pupils to complete the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award.
Breakfast Club10,392.00Continued success of this. Ensuring our FSM pupils have access to the canteen before form time and are ready for the school day having eaten breakfast.

Also, some funding towards the nurture group breakfast club for some of our more vulnerable pupils.
Literacy & Numeracy6,035.00£3000 to purchase novels for every year 7 and 8 pupil premium child to boost literacy skills.

Maths Software for Maths for pupils to access to help with homework completion. Also used in the small group tuition sessions.
Alternative Provision2,666.00Funding of some core activities to keep pupils in school. Year 11 pupils completed their final year.
Tuition3,345.00Trialled the use of Xplore as a strategy to boost achievement in Maths. Three pupils were selected based on conversations with parents/pupils.

Paid for Xplore tuition for 3 months. (£100 each, PM)
All 3 moved from a grade 3 in Maths – 2 achieved a 5, I achieved a 4.

Tuition for a school refuser to ensure they could still access GCSE exams and obtain a grade.
ICT resources4,484.00SAM learning. Parental and pupil surveys showed online revision tools as a way they would like the funding to be spend. SAM learning has been purchased as a trial towards the end of the year. Impact to be measured in first review next year.
Uniform5,700.00Strategy to send out £50 vouchers to all FSM pupils.
Has impacted significantly on referrals to SLT for incorrect uniform at the start of the year.
Has also saved staff time in completing bid forms.
Parents also given positive feedback and has helped to start building positive relationships.
Other7,790.00Rowing club for weekly sessions. Pupils went to several competitions. The pupils
involved stated that this was a unique experience to engage in a sport that they would not normally and stated that their communication and team working skills had greatly improved over the sessions.

Bus passes to enable pupils to arrive at school on time. These are reviewed termly to ensure attendance/punctuality impact.


  • To improve outcomes in all subjects in line with national averages (improved rates of progress among Pupil Premium learners)
  • To promote improved attendance for Pupil Premium pupils
  • To improve holistic development for Pupil Premium pupils
  • To effectively deploy resources from the Pupil Premium fund to close gaps and ensure significant impact is made

The funding received in 2018/19 (£257,015 -258 pupils) will continue to be focused on developing individual and personalised programmes of support for identified pupils. Pastoral managers, in conjunction with curriculum leaders, will take a lead role in developing, monitoring and evaluating relevant programmes for identified pupils employing strategies that will be outlined in their relevant action plans.


  • Progress in Maths
  • Progress in English
  • Progress in the other Baccalaureate subjects
  • Attendance
  • Enrichment
  • Pupil and Parental Engagement
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