Arbor – Penketh High Schools Parent Portal


We have introduced the Parent Portal to make it easy & convenient to view & update information about your child. It allows parents and guardians to;

  • View, check & update information that we hold on your child

  • View your child’s timetable

  • View attendance & achievement

Before you log in for the first time, please wait until Penketh High School has sent you a welcome email. This will have your login details and a link that will take you to the browser version of the Parent Portal where you need to set up a password.

You won’t be able to do this through the app, as the links in our reset password emails only work with a browser.

Should you need to, you can reset your password using a computer, or using a mobile browser on your phone or tablet. Click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link and follow the instructions.

If you are using a mobile phone please ensure you use the Arbor App to access the Portal otherwise it may not display correctly.

If you are using a computer or tablet please use the ‘Chrome’ web browser.

Please note we do not take payments using Arbor, continue to use ParentPay for this.

If you are unable to access Arbor Parent Portal after reading the steps shown above please email the Penketh High School Arbor Support Team: