Thinking of Y7


I have no doubt that the current period of national crisis and the uncertainty around when life will return to normality is only adding to any anxieties you may have around process of transition to secondary school for your child.


I want to reassure you that successful transition to secondary for pupils currently in Year 5 remains one of our key priorities.  At this moment it seems unlikely that we’ll be able to conduct our usual open evening events and tours during the Autumn term, as guidance recently issued to schools would prevent us from doing so.  We are preparing for a number of scenarios so that if there is an opportunity for us to conduct transition events at school we will be able to do so as a result of careful planning.  We are, however, also currently preparing alternative arrangements so that we can conduct a remote open evening event which would normally take place in September.  This would involve us producing a live broadcast for parents through the Internet.


We recognise that you will want the chance to ask any questions you have and get some clarity on certain aspects ahead of selecting a school for your child.  We therefore want to ensure that we provide you with the opportunity to interact with us even if this is on a remote basis and so any live session would include an interactive Q&A session.


To support learning during the period of lockdown and school closures we used a platform that allows us to deliver interactive lessons to pupils so that they can undertake lessons following their normal school timetable as they would in school, though completing this work at home.  This platform would also allow us to host an interactive event with parents so that we could provide you with information and also give you the chance to ask questions.  In preparation for us having to conduct a transition event remotely; if you’re happy to receive information about the event, we’d appreciate you sending us an email to so that we can collate email addresses and send you further information as to how to access the event.  If you could state the name of the pupil that would be helpful for us to coordinate information.


It must be exceptionally frustrating for pupils to be denied the opportunity to access school as they normally would, and I’m sure that there are some anxieties about completing Key Stage 2 and undertaking pupils their SAT examinations. We are already planning to ensure that when pupils arrive at in September 2021 we do all we can to identify what we can do to support each individual pupil both academically and holistically.


Can I take this opportunity to thank those parents who have been in touch to congratulate us on our Ofsted judgement. It’s been rewarding to receive these, but rest assured that this milestone for the school only serves to drive us on to make further improvements on behalf of our outstanding young people.

The report serves as a good summary of the work undertaken at the school over the last two years to rapidly change the school culture to one which is built on high expectations and standards.  This has resulted in the school’s best ever outcomes last summer and, of course, the first Ofsted judgement of “Good” since 2007.   I have included a link to the report below, this would be a useful introduction to the school and gives a real sense of our values and the culture of improvement that has been cultivated by staff in the last two years.

We’re very much looking forward to welcoming you to visit our school community when you are able to do so and will do everything we can to navigate difficult circumstances to provide the best transition programme possible.  It’s really important to US that as a school we give you every opportunity to interact with the school and gather as much information as you can to inform your decision making when selecting a school for your child.

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