For exams there is absolutely no substitution for preparation! In terms of getting ready for your exams whether you are in year 7 or year 11 you should remember the 5 P’s

‘Proper Practice Prevents Poor Performance’

This page is the place to come to for a whole host of tips, resources and inspiration to make sure your revision is planned and fit for purpose.

Revision timetables help you to see the bigger picture, while techniques such as mind-mapping or flash cards allow you to embed knowledge into your long term memory.

Use the posts on this page, talk about revision with your teachers, parents and friends, make a plan, stick to it and watch your results improve!

Information Evenings

Parents Information evening Thursday 7th November Thanks for your attendance last night and braving the weather. I have summarised the evening and messages into a letter and have also attached, as promised, the two presentations from last night. Thanks Mr Farrar   Parents information evening resources – Thursday 19th September 2019 To all Year…

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Revision Techniques

Revision tips for Parents   Top revision tips   Tips for using Past Papers   Understanding Command Words   Revision: Memory Hacks & Tips   Revision: Timetables & Planning

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Revision Timetables

11th June 2019: Following on from our Year 10 into 11 information evening, I have already had a lot of questions and requests for further information about revision timetables. My number 1 tip for you as a family is to draft a revision timetable each week – Sunday night is best for the week ahead.…

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