We have slightly changed our homework arrangements this year.  Most parents will know that previously the school used a service called Show My Homework to record pupil homework.  We have stepped away from this service for some key reasons this year.  Firstly, the availability of the SIMS app means teachers can communicate homework to parents through the app so all of the information you need about your child can be sourced from the same application.


Secondly, we have also changed our arrangements for homework this year so that pupils are making the best use of productive time at home to support their studies in class.  Knowledge is an exceptionally important strand of pupil success, it’s important that pupils have knowledge of the content that they are studying in each topic as this is the very foundation of understanding.  New curriculums mean that pupils are being exposed to more complex concepts, are required to demonstrate a good understanding of these concepts and are often expected to combine ideas from different concepts.  These skills are more challenging, but the important first step in conquering this way of working is to have a deep knowledge about the topic itself.


We want our homework to support the acquisition of knowledge and so at the start of each term pupils will be provided with a knowledge organiser booklet.  This provides an overview of the key knowledge and terminology that pupils will need to learn for the topics they study in each subject across the term.  The booklet contains a schedule for pupils to work to on a weekly basis along with guidance on how to use the knowledge organisers, with some of the activities designed to enable parents to support pupils.  Staff will be assessing pupils regularly through lesson activities and both teaching staff and form tutors will check on the regularity with which pupils are completing work, if we have significant concerns we will of course contact parents.


Staff may also set additional homework activities to consolidate or extend learning, where this is the case staff will set this homework via SIMS and therefore reminders will be available through the SIMS App.

Knowledge Organisers